Frederick's Residential Window Cleaning Specialists

Meticulous: Any window cleaning company will "clean" a window, but you want someone meticulous, someone who specializes in the unique art of residential window cleaning.

Couteous: Most window cleaning companies are polite and professional on the phone, but you also want a courteous, honest and professional team in your home.

Matchless: In short, what you're looking for is a company who is truly matchless. Well, good news! Such a company exists: Cyclone Cleaning Services. And residents throughout Frederick county agree that there's no better choice:
We have tried other window cleaning companies before, but they rushed through the job. This company did not. They took their time and meticulously cleaned each and every window to our satisfaction."
-- Arthur C. Urbana, MD
satisfaction-guarantee Whether your home is a classic two-story colonial, a three-story townhouse, or a 6,000 sq ft custom home, we've got the experience, tools and techniques to clean all your glass to your satisfaction. When we're gone, the only evidence of our visit will be the light pouring in through your crystal-clear windows, and the big smile on your face as you see your home restored to it's full glory!

But if you're still unsure, relax! Not only are you protected by $1million of insurance, you're also covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee - meaning that unless you're completely satisfied with the service you've received, you won't pay a penny! We're not kidding!


And if that high glass light-fixture (chandelier) in your foyer or great room is looking a little grimey, we can take care of that too!

Whatever your needs, you're sure to find that one of our 3 window cleaning packages will suit you perfectly. See below for more detail, and as you do, think of how happy you'll be with a house full of dazzling, beautiful windows...

Sample window cleaning prices:

While submitting a free e-Quote request is the best way to get a tailored estimate for your window cleaning, the price guide below should give you an idea of what each of our 3 window cleaning packages include, and what they might cost.
Small Home
Medium Home
Large Home
around 1,500 sq ft
around  2,500 sq ft
around 4,000 sq ft
  • All external surfaces of windows and doors meticulously cleaned.
  • Window screens removed, brushed and re-installed.
  • Full protection with $1 million general liability insurance.
  • Peace of mind with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and matchless professionalism.
≈ $165
≈ $240
≈ $340
  • Includes Thrifty Package, PLUS:
  • All internal surfaces of windows and doors meticulously cleaned.
  • Track & sill vacuum and wipe on all windows.
≈ $260
≈ $390
≈ $510
  • Includes Smart & Thrifty Packages, PLUS:
  • Premium hand-washing of all screens.
  • Exterior frame wipe on all windows
≈ $320
≈ $490
≈ $620
We can also take care of your pressure washing, gutter cleaning and screen repair needs also.

For more information, see our testimonals and FAQ pages.