Frederick's Expert, Trouble-Free
Commercial & Storefront Window Cleaners

Whatever kind of manager you are: property manager, store manager, maintenance manager... your needs are the same: When you hire a contractor to take care of your specific project:

  • You don't want to wonder if the job will get done right
  • You don't want to be at the mercy of his wishy-washy schedule
  • You don't want to find out he's not insured, after he's poked a boom-lift through your wall.

So if you're considering calling Cyclone Cleaning Services to bid on your project, let us put your mind at ease up front:

  • We're Frederick's most meticulous commercial window cleaning team.
  • We schedule your work, show up on time, work efficiently, and get everything done to your (and your tenants') total satisfaction.
  • We carry a total of $2 million of general liability insurance through Liberty Mutual ($1 million per occurence).
  • Additionally, we also carry a "Care/Custody/Control" endorsement - meaning you're even protected from damage to property or personnel caused by "willful" activity - in other words, not just freak accidents.
  • We also carry comprehensive commercial auto insurance, so you're also protected from any accidents which may occur in your parking lot.

In short, Cyclone are the professionals you're looking for, and we have the references to prove it. Here's a small sampling:
Cyclone showed up promptly to clean our heavily soiled warehouse office windows in the freezing cold... Our windows sparkle and give this whole tired office a nice sunshiney feel. I can't recommend them highly enough. An outstanding experience."
-- Evolve Composits, Maryland Office
Being in the real estate business for 20 years, I run across many professional companies in my line of work. I have to say, Cyclone Cleaning Services is at the top of the list. I had them do three different jobs and all three were outstanding... I have had other window cleaners in the past but none compare. I would give them a 10 + rating. Very trustworthy!"
-- Marsh Realty - Fredreick, MD
So stop stressing about the windows, gutters or power washing you need done. Call us today at 301-305-6229 and let us take care of your needs, so that you can get back to business!